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Jake Paul DETAILS Effects of Aftermath of Logan’s Suicide Forest Video

More Celebrity News ►► Guys – it’s probably one of the most talked about moments in Shane Dawson’s incredible series “Inside the Mind of Jake Paul.” Shane Dawson nailed it with this and every interview, asking the hard questions and working to get answers to things fans have been totally

Twitter TORN Over Jake Paul Docuseries & Start #ShaneDawsonIsOverParty

More Celebrity News ►► The results are in and it looks like the people of the internet are divided following the end of Shane’s ‘The Mind of Jake Paul’ docuseries – which, is honestly expected because Jake is such a polarizing figure. Anyway, after the series ended, some users tweeted

Nick Crompton ADMITS Team 10 Videos Are FAKE in Jake Paul Docuseries

More Celebrity News ►► The latest episode of Shane Dawson’s Jake Paul docuseries promised to explore the vloggers alleged QUOTE “enemies.” Right off the bat, we knew that was exactly what we were going to get because mere seconds into the ep, Shane tells viewers and Andrew that former Team

Logan Paul SLAMS Shane Dawson’s Docuseries & Calls it ‘Misleading’

More Celebrity News ►► There’s been a lot of talk surrounding Shane Dawson’s latest docuseries on understanding ‘The Mind of Jake Paul.’ While Shane has received a TON of praise from fans as well as his fellow YouTubers on the docuseries so far, others are being a little more critical

Shane Dawson APOLOGIZES For ‘Sociopath’ Comment in ‘Jake Paul’ Pt. 2

More Celebrity News ►► Shane Dawson apologizes for sociopath comments during the ‘Dark Side of Jake Paul’ part two. Shane was attacked on social media for demonizing mental illness and he has now apologized for it. Shane knew that the docuseries would stir some controversy but, didn’t expect the backlash

Manny MUA APOLOGIZES TO Gabriel Zamora After Being Called “Toxic”

More Celebrity News ►► MannyMUA uploaded his own video apologizing to Gabriel Zamora and Jeffree Star. I wonder who is going to upload an apology video next! Okay brief recap time if you haven’t been keeping up with the beauty community let’s go! After Shane Dawson’s series about Jeffree Star blew