Celebrities sparked avalanches of criticism

FROM the shocking to the rude to the downright distasteful, sometimes jokes and comments are made way too soon after tragedies.

Whether it’s plane crashes, the Holocaust or theme park tragedies, these are the times those in the public eye well and truly put their foot in it.


If a joke shocks Kyle Sandilands, you know you’ve probably gone too far.

When The Chaser’s Julian Morrow cracked jokes about the disappearance of the MH370 flight, plenty of people said it was in poor taste.

Morrow was originally approached to do a segment for Kyle and Jackie O on conspiracy theories surrounding the disappearance of the plane but a gross misunderstanding led to the comedian creating his own conspiracy theories.

“It’s a Coles campaign. It’s all part of the new down down promotion and they’re trying to encourage people to check in with Coles,” the Chaser star said.

Jackie O protested, telling Morrow, “Julian we can’t go there.”

“The makers of Air Crash Investigation perhaps? They’ve run out of episodes?” he speculated could be another conspiracy theory.

Morrow later released a statement on Twitter to defend himself and justify his comments writing he clarified with KiisFM “the angle is to invent silly/funny conspiracy theories for what happened. That was confirmed, but it’s now obvious this is where a misunderstanding crystallised.”

Both the Australian Radio Network, who owns KiisFMand Morrow said the segment was “due to a miscommunication” and apologised if “anyone has been upset or offended.”

American Pie star Jason Biggs also prompted outrage on Twitter after he used MH370 in a gag about The Bachelor.

“Nikki is looking for Juan Pablo to say ‘I Love You’. She’d have better luck looking for Malaysian Airlines Flight 370. #TheBachelor.”


The Tasmanian radio host Anna Dare was in a huge amount of hot water after she made a poor taste joke less than a day after four people were killed when their ride tragically tipped onto a conveyor belt at Dreamworld.

In the radio show’s ‘Secret Sound’ segment, Dare heard a sound their listeners had to guess in order to win a cash prize.

“I really don’t like it,” she said. “It’s violent sounding.”

“It’s not getting stuck in a conveyor belt at a theme park is it? Too soon?” she asked.

Dare’s co-host sounded shocked by the comment and simply responded with a sigh.

“That’s what it sounds like to me when I first heard it,” Dare protested, “that’s the first thing I thought of”.

The announcer was quickly suspended from the breakfast show and was forced to undertake counselling and training after the comment.

Although the radio station offered her the opportunity to return to co-hosting the breakfast show with former My Kitchen Rules contestant Newell, Dare instead resigned thanking the station for its support and “deciding to take a break from radio.”


The Australian comedian was forced to apologise yesterday after his joke on Twitter about the Colombian plane crash that killed 76 people.