Whats Happen with Debbie Reynolds death

CHARLIE Sheen has “defended” himself with choice words from his thesaurus after wishing the death of US President-elect Donald Trump.

The 51-year-old actor, fondly known for his role in TV sitcom Two And A Half Men, tried to take the sting out of any negative media attention or reaction to his tweet made shortly after the news that Debbie Reynolds had become the latest high-profile death of 2016.

Sheen, who revealed that he is HIV positive in November last year, took aim at Trump, who he has dissed many times, in a macabre request to God.

It could be deemed dark humour and it has been retweeted 35,000 times and ‘liked’ 66,000 times but clearly fearing a backlash Sheen felt it necessary to defend himself with a tweet that had many scrambling for the dictionary.

Sheen dished the dirt on Trump on the Graham Norton Show in June, recalling he was dining with his then-wife Brooke Mueller when Trump approached shortly after their marriage.

Trump, according to Sheen, apologised for not making the wedding.

“And I was like, I didn’t invite you,” he joked to Norton.

“He says, ‘but I want to give you an early wedding gift as a gesture from me and Melania’.”

Sheen said Trump then gestured to the cufflinks he was wearing and said these are “platinum, diamond, Harry Winston”, and he said he wanted Sheen to have them.

He claimed he resisted the offer but Trump persisted and gave him his cuff links. Six months later Sheen said he was having jewellery at his home valued and he gave the cuff links to the valuer.

“She spent about four seconds looking at them and kind of recoiled from it, much like people do from Trump, and said ‘in their finest moment, they were cheap pewter and bad zirconia’.

“And they’re stamped ‘Trump’. And I just thought, what does this really say about the man? That he said, here’s a great wedding gift and it turned out to be just a bag of dog sh–.”